I'm Trev.


I'm not sure of much, except that life is a grace-gift, somehow we're given the opportunity to make something beautiful of it, and there seems to be a mysterious man from Galilee that enjoys haunting my life. 

I've got A+ thoughts about things, but most days I'd be grateful to get a C+ at loving people. 


I'm a 23 year old Bethel U grad. I paid huge sums of money to think about the Bible a little differently. And to know random trivia about Israel & 18th-century American theology & how one church father chopped off his schmeckel for the love of God.


I'm a youth director learning to be a youth pastor. I flirt with writing and/or marriage & family therapy. But between now and then I buy Jolly Ranchers, write emails, plan movie nights, and have kids teach me about Jesus for a living. 


I'm married to my best buddy kasey rose, and we celebrate three years this May. We generally like each other. Together, we dream of making beauty out of life's raw stuff.

WE'RE HAVING A FREAKING BABY GIRL IN JUNE. More details forthcoming.


I'm in a stormy relationship with the Minnesota Twins. I hate parties, but I do like playing Settlers of Catan if that's any good. And the Office is objectively the best show there is.


Feel free to join me. I used to post Tuesdays and Fridays, buuuuuut nope just Tuesdays. You can subscribe on the front page & get posts sent to your e-mail. You know, if you're into that kind of thing.