The Siblings of Fear & Wonder


Wonder is what sneaks up on us in surprise, unclenches our hands, & makes us brave enough to be free.

Fear is its stepbrother. They both want good & beautiful things. Fear just isn't amazed enough to let 'em in.

Wonder stares up at the stars, its faith expanding in the imminent arrival of the unimaginably beautiful. Fear's got its eyes everywhere but up, its chest tightening as it awaits the unforeseeably ugly.

Fear asks if beauty could ever be made out of this mess. Wonder doesn’t even ask 'cause it’s too damn busy staring wide-eyed at the beautiful things sprouting up in everyone and everything. It knows there are some it can't yet see.

You might not believe it, but both wonder & fear get the same nervous pit inside when they think about sharing the beautiful gift inside. Wonder is just the one willing to believe that the gift is sweeter than the risk is great.

Fear wonders how little it can give and still get by; wonder, well, wonders if it can give a little more than it did yesterday. On days it doesn’t, best of all, wonder doesn’t stop wondering. That’s because fear sees the true thing, truth sees the truer thing, and wonder sees the truest thing.

Oh, what we’d all give, friends, for a life of wonder.

So here's you and me, knees buckling with some kind of fear inside both of us. It might be somewhere or it might be everywhere.

What is it you're fearing, friend?

Stare a fear in the eye. Sit with it. Don't try to solve it right away. Hang out with fear & the ifs and whys it brings along with it.

Then-- together, mind you-- we'll take a risk on wonder. Fear sits in the cellar and truth looks out the window, but only wonder runs around in the open air past if beautiful stuff is being made to trying to figure out where, through the painful whys into the hilarious why nots.


photo credit: brian petry, a gifted photographer who I appreciate so, so much. support him at

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