An Engaged Man's Thoughts, <6 weeks: Ordinary Hopes & Prayers


(every Sunday, my fiancee kasey & I sit down to review our life for the beautiful things we've made & the ugly things we've lived into. below is some self-crafted liturgy that we pray afterward. less than six weeks out from our wedding, I thought I'd share some thoughts that wander around this engaged man's mind.)


We acknowledge that you are both our King and our Parent. We know that you’ve got fuller, brighter, and more beautiful things for us. We submit everything to you right now. Invite us into your restoring work.


God, help us be best buddies. Give us grace to be best friends to each other in our nakedness, our conflict, our intentionality, our simplicity, and our laughter.

God, from our sewing and walking, gift us with an unspeakably beautiful dance. Gift us to passionately give ourselves to each other in trust, in integrity, and with both white-hot passion and tender covenant commitment.

God, we’re giving our sexuality to you in hopes that you’d bless it and make it more beautiful than we could ever imagine. As we give you our water, make it into wine. Let it be extraordinary in its explosiveness, in its variety, in its excess, in its intimacy, and in its loveliness.


God, we come to you with hopes that are beyond our scope. We cut these balloons and send them up to where you live and hear us.

We ask first and foremost that you’d gift us with the freedom to live in true simplicity, love, and whimsy beyond our wildest imagination.

Befriend us with excessive wisdom to guide us always.

Clarify the dreams you have for us; cultivate them into us in oneness; gift us with the faith to pursue them and the courage to continue after them against all odds.

Make us absolutely fearless as you have promised.

And in the mean time, give us grace to be OK with the long way.


God, may you shape ‘you’ and ‘me’ into ‘us.’ As you shape us into one, make us into a home full of refuge, strength, peace, joy, and laughter.

Gift us with unique and equally powerful expressions of that home that “us” makes toward each other, our kids, and others invited in over time.

God, gift us with twelve generations of kids that love you, cherish people, and change the world around them. Work in restoration for all our kids so they are full of joy, full of promise & wholeness, and full of love.

God, may you make each of our physical houses into homes full of the brand we have already sought to make together. Protect by your grace our bedroom: make it a safe, clean haven where desire heightens, conflict dies, and oneness happens.

Dear God, we live and we die like fireworks. Our legacies will hide in the embers. May we live bright enough to catch your eye; may our lives infect this black-and-white world with your kingdom of color. We give you all these hopes.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

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