An Engaged Man's Thoughts, <4 weeks: When We've Got Nothin' Left


A few minutes ago—right before thumbnail sketching this post—I stumbled upon the website for a high school campus movement I was involved in some years ago.

It felt like a ghost town in the truest sense of the word. A ghost town, it once pulsated with hopeful chatter & activity. A ghost town, it’s now empty & void of all that stuff.

At the bottom of the page is an old video that sounds like an old wind chime bristling together on the porch of a worn house while gusts of air kick up desert dust. Images fade in and out of the screen, pop punk music playing in the background.

I know these people, I think to myself. I hear their confessions, only sometimes with voices, that things aren’t what they used to be. The ‘naiveté’ era is gone, and ‘real life’ took its place.

It’s less than four weeks out from wedding day now. I get it: there’ll be times when God is good and so is life. The honeymoon is gonna be friggin’ awesome.

But kase & I wonder what we’ll do when life isn’t good & we don’t know what to make of God.

What’ll we do when the naiveté is gone & ‘real life’ takes its place?

What’ll we do with complexity casts over our Carolina blue skies, its clouds are pregnant with doubt, and cynicism is in the forecast?

What’ll we do when the plot thickens and it's less boom town and more ghost town?

We’re learning over the last few months that while faith is sometimes believing abstract ideas about God (e.g. God is good, God loves us, our identity is ‘found in Christ’), but much of our faith wants to just create stuff & let those be acted prayers.

In other words, to create—to act out the image of the One who breathed ‘Let there be’ and out came a breathtaking world—is our most native expression of faith when ‘real life’ hits, the plot thickens, and cynicism threatens.

So with four weeks out, I’m thinking that creativity—not the fluffy, right-brain, tell-me-how-this-Pepsi-makes-you-jive kind, but the tired-handed, passionate, and persistent kind—is at the heart of marriage. Any relationship, really.

To see what isn’t but could be… to throw ourselves in the creative process to make it what is… that’s faith for us. Both now and then, we untangle conflicts. We sift through insecurities. We conspire to wrap ourselves up as a love-gift to the world.

And while we repaint, rewrite, and recreate, our creative actions are really just acted prayers to a God who is in the habit of making something out of nothing.

Create on, friends.


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