So We Got Married


So we're married. The vows have been repeated, the balloons have shot up into the sky, and the pronouncement has been made.

(side-note: after I'd kissed my new bride & the balloons went up in the air, I unconsciously let out a big 'WOO!' like I had a mullet & my dirt-track car had just won the race.)

Anyway, it's time to be done with all the engagement posts. Time, in fact, to take a break from these posts for a couple weeks. Kase & I are up in the Rocky Mountains for a few weeks before a vacation with our (now extended) family in northern MN.

It's been beautiful to see my writing inspire & invite people into a different kind of life. I'm thankful to have experienced the success I have! I'm a writer now! A husband, too! I'm thankful for both of these new things.

I'll be back tuesday, june 23rd.

In the mean time, here's a beautiful gift from my sister Raygen Brown to us.


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