The Best Part About Being a Writer (So Far)


Truth is I’ve always been good at writing. But even just a few months ago telling people I was a writer felt kind of like telling people I’d found Ed Sheeran under my bed: maybe it’s true, but how the heck would anybody know?

I’ve loved that I’ve been forced to write the last several months. Much like life, writing is a process that takes time, creativity, and a lil’ TLC. Much like life, it’ll surprise you the beautiful things that happen far beyond your expectations.

I’ve been published on Thought Catalog, Bedlam Magazine, signed up to be a regular columnist for the Clarion (my college’s paper), and had over 5K different users look at my site. For all these things, I’m truly thankful.

But honestly, that’s not even the best part about being a writer.

Frederick Buechner said that while writing novels, he began looking for plots. He adds, “After awhile, I began to suspect that my own life had a plot. And after awhile more, I began to suspect that my life itself had a plot.”

The creative process of writing has forced me to look for plots in my own life. I launched my website during a time in my life where I wondered if God intended any meaning for my life after stepping out of a campus movement and while I was in the middle of being engaged. I was thirsty for meaning. It felt like that tired, bloody taste you get in the back of your mouth after running.

But as I wrote, I found myself searching for a world filled with stories to be told. In the process, I found that my life was filled with these kinds of stories. Further along, I began to see that my life was an ongoing story filled with conflict, climax, resolution, and more conflict.

Finding the Story beneath it all is the best part about being a writer for me. To make beauty out of life’s raw stuff—which is all that I’m after right now—begins when I stare at the random scattering events in my life long enough to find a story in them.

When events become stories, I become a character; when I become a character, I become a co-creator with God in making my life with Kasey into a beautiful story. And when I’m a co-creator with God, well, that’s when anything beautiful I’ve ever done takes place.

So, friends, where is the story underneath the events of your life?


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