So We're Running a Marathon (And Need Your Help, Again)

You know you’re in deep crap when you can’t even grasp what you’re getting into.

Amid a chaotic season last Spring, we attended Genesis Cov. Guest speaker. Mind tunes out, you know? Woops, welcome to my Sunday morning life, where God, Sunday paper, and people watching are forever in a battle for my attention.

Before I know it, my then-fiancee and I have signed up for the Twin Cities Marathon. 26.2 big fat miles. Moreover, we’re signed up with World Vision. Got to raise upwards of one big fat thousand dollars.

We walk out of church, and I can’t help but look at my right hand, like, how dare you sign us up for uncomfortable things. You can’t even friggin’ write legibly: don’t you think signing us up for marathons is a bit graduate level for you?

To make matters worse, it’s all been pushed back to now. And the marathon is in early October. Woah, buddy. Come, Lord Jesus. Rescue me from my belly fat. Give us courage to climb on that nasty old treadmill that sits three feet from the toilet. And prod at those people who gave us hand-me-down shower hooks and dared to call it a wedding present.

We thought about dropping out, honestly. Here’s three reasons why we’re sticking with it:

(1) Comfort is a commodity, but I’ve been buying too much recently. My mind’s stretching right now, looking for compelling stories where comfort was at the center of it. Just doesn’t happen. I’m haunted by the fact nobody will ever be inspired by somebody who liked to play Monopoly, ran a 5K once, and almost always gets 8 hours of sleep.

(2) Free, clean water for a community is an expression of human dignity. We can talk about LGBT discrimination, gender pay gap, white privilege, income inequality, Donald Trump, and all other kinds of injustice. I’m right there with you.

But is there anything more inhumane than a person who’s never known the feeling of cold, crisp, clean water in the back of their throat?

(3) We already paid like 300 bucks for it. And honestly, that’s probably more than enough!


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