An Update for My High School Friends

How much time it takes to craft the first sentence is only a symptom of how desperately I want you to think I’m doing awesome.

Tell ‘em you just got married. Or not. Who gets married at 21 these days? They’ll think you just did it for the sex. Just make sure you add that you got married to your best friend. Makes it less weird that way.

Tell ‘em you’ve discovered writing. You’ve been published after all! Or don’t. That’d put too much pressure on how clever you are, how packed your sentences, and how compelling your artform.

Tell ‘em you’re still following Jesus. Yeah, that’s still the center of who you are right? Just make sure you tell ‘em you’re the kind of Christian that drinks good beer, listens to Kendrick Lamar, lives in downtown Minneapolis, hopes for Twins season tickets next year, wants Bernie Sanders on the ballot next year, aims to be apart of the solution to racial injustice, watches Indie movies, and uses phrases like “loving on people” and “mutually transformative spaces… bro.” Hm.

No! I got it! Be ultra authentic. Tell ‘em how you questioned God’s goodness while hospitalized with pneumonia last September. Tell ‘em how you think your life’s falling apart sometimes. Tell ‘em how you want to be free from the tradition of your youth; tell ‘em the same individualism that bids you to chase your dreams leaves you with a big gut-ache, like you get when you eat nothing but Jolly Ranchers & Cherry Coke.

Tell ‘em how-- more than anything-- you want life to be less about “me” out to validate my existence with accomplishments & degrees and more about “us” sharing space with a few good friends, a fractured self, and a tattered world. Tell ‘em you’re relearning-- in a way that feels so non-cliche and semi-desperate-- that you don’t know how to do ordinary life without Jesus.

Or just tell ‘em how it was that you thought about updating vaguely interested people that--essentially-- you’re still just trying to follow Jesus, love people, and live a good story at an age where there’s more questions than answers.


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