A Married Man's Thoughts, 3+ Months: Life as Liturgy

By the end of this post, you'll probably think that Kasey and I are weirdos.

Here's the short of it: we all yearn to be participants in a larger story. Granted, you probably didn't wake up this morning thinking it. If you're anything like me, you probably felt accomplished if you got out of bed immediately and managed to keep your dragon breath a secret for another day.

Still, we long for story deep enough we can be caught up in its current. Pure individualism doesn't exist, really. We might fiercely feel that we can do whatever the hell we want with our bodies, thank you. We might well shake our fists at the heavens-- 'cause ain't no God gonna tell me how to live my life-- but we're not rejecting a larger story completely as much as we're opting for a subtler one. Finding yourself in a larger story is kinda like food: we have freedom to choose the Story, but we don't have freedom to reject one. It's a reflexive need.

All this a roundabout way of saying, hey, I hope we don't get caught up in crappy stories.

As Christians, Kase and I are caught up in a story where God is at play restoring all relationships through Jesus. And if there's anything we know by this point, it's that we're not very good at living that story.

It's not that we hate God, and it's definitely not because we don't want to live a good story. It's just that if you only give us 168 hours, free will, and good intentions, Kasey is going to spend 12 of those making vegetable-based sandwiches, I'll spend 9 of them solving the disappearance of the 2009 Joe Mauer, and we'll both feel like the guy in the Bible story who was given $1,000 and buried it because a House of Cards marathon sounded better at the time.

Every Monday morning, Kasey and I call ourselves back to God's story. We call ourselve back to seasonal rhythms.

You ready to think we're weirdos?

Here's what we do. Hope you don't mind us comparing notes with you:

current season: fall (sep 1 - nov 29) · simplicity · peace · wisdom theme: “savoring life” action: “gratitude” question: “how will we become intimate friends with God’s wisdom?” monthly revision (next: september 28th) · did we live in our budget & what’s next month’s budget? · what was 10% of our income & have we wasted it on loving others? the weekly life. sunday o We rest according to the season & for a full day.

monday morning · 45 minutes of silence: examen of fall (simplicity, peace, wisdom) · 15 minutes season-themed scripture reading · 8 minutes contemplating how to love each other / plan sunday’s sabbath & date. · 7 minutes planning to love friends · revise ‘this week’s work & play.’ · liturgy prayer.

next season: winter (nov. 30 – jan. 31) · anticipation · silence · waiting theme: “quiet waiting” action: “silence” question: “what will we let die in us?” next season: spring (feb. 1 – may 22) · creating · newness · romance theme: “experiencing hope” action: “projects” question: “what will we make out of life right now?”

next season: summer (tbd)

· wholeness · freedom · adventure theme: “living abundantly” action: “adventure” question: “how will we say yes?”

This is something like liturgy, which is my shorthand for spiritual practices that call us back to the beautiful truths we desperately want to live into.

If you're a human, being alive is too beautiful to live it accidentally. It's too rife with possibility to give into obligation and people-pleasing(, said trev, mostly to himself.)

And if you're a Christian human being, I'm afraid you're even less off the hook. You believe-- though maybe with your own cool language-- that we are currently in the part of the story where God is restoring all things into something utterly creative, totally beautiful, and complete with love. All through Jesus.

Joining either story doesn't happen on accident.


photo credit: kelseysagen.com. and why yes, I will continue to use old wedding photos for blog posts, thank you very much.

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