Your Ordinary Life is a Stage

Perhaps the single conviction centering my life as a Jesus-follower is this: we are on a stage, and we are acting out God’s big drama to the world.

As we lean on Jesus and improvise the next steps from his life, we begin to demonstrate to others—maybe mostly ourselves—of the next chapter God is writing in the world through Jesus and his followers.

In our exceptional & ordinary love, our willingness to improvise agape love into the unsavory and unsatisfying stages of our life. They are not cross-cultural. They do not require a passport. They're scarcely dramatic enough to write about. They mostly are just the difference between a yes and a no in our lives.

It's saying yes to an awkward conversation when you might easily look the other way. It’s thinking fondly of an old friend when nobody sees because, after all, sometimes it’s you that needs a reminder that the big, cosmic drama arrives to us in gold-dusted memories of old friends.

But God loves you unconditionally, I remember, so you're far from a stage. Yep, God loves you unconditionally and the stage is a proving ground. Except it’s not a proving ground for how much you deserve God’s love. It’s a proving ground for the watching world to see what love this is, that God should give his only begotten son.

The lights are dimmed. The crowd wants hope. The piano rollicks in the background. And there you are, in your ordinary life. The mystery: the stage & the ordinary life somehow happen together. God's cosmic drama—mostly higher than we’re able to understand—it plays out in our ordinary lives. Discipleship is learning Jesus' script and working it into the scenes of this actual life.


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