A Tiny Thing About Beauty

Beauty is the woman covering her cough at Starbucks, smiling off at the distance.

Beauty is your senior pastor, looking at you like you’re not an underachiever at life.

Beauty is upper-middle class suburbanites shuffling through the produce aisle mostly unconvinced about a world freely provided for them.

Beauty is the man on Hennepin Ave who says he’s not trying to give you any sappy shit, just wants five dollars to get a sandwich and cigarettes.

Beauty is looking down at your uncomfortably round belly on the treadmill and keeping pace anyway.

I'm convinced of just two things about this world, and they occur together. The first is that life is filled with beautiful things. The second is that their beauty spreads rumors of another world that deserves them. Beauty punctures a hole in a tragic world, spreading rumors of another one being prepared for us.


photo: fall retreat from november: kasey, some middle school friends, and I. #youthpastorlife

#beauty #reflections