Potentials & Limits

I wonder if limits are a good thing that mark where I belong and where I don’t.

This isn't easy for me to say. I'm a white male American, raised on the belief that anything's possible I believe & set my mind to it. The more I fumble responsibilities, the more bills I pay, and the more I can't eat pizza without my gut paying for it, the more I'm convinced that knowing our limits are just as good as knowing our potentials.

A limit I’m touching up against, for example, is how my writing quickly spoils if I’m not writing regularly. My ability to turn a phrase dies when I'm not up early at a keyboard. I can’t just wake up one morning and write my best. Limits either shame us, or they remind us of our humanity.

I’ve seen the Rookie, but I'm pretty confident I won't be whipping 98 mph fastballs when I'm 35.That I freeze up with a spreadsheet tells just as much as the intuition with which I direct a conversation about stuff that matters. It’s a good thing to know your potentials. It’s just as good to know your limits. Your humanity is made up of limits & potentials.

Potentials remind me that I am a gift to others; limits remind me that I need the gifts of others.