Listen to Your Sighs

I sighed because I had made the slight left curve from I-94 to 35W to Bethel 1,000 times, this was 1,001, and I wanted to be done.

I sighed because my wife clasped my hand and told me she was glad to be with me, and just this time I wanted to believe it completely.

I sighed because the woman exclaimed, “I’m done!” during Finals Week, wiggled her fists in a circle as she strolled down Lake Valentine, and delight like that is all I’ve ever wanted out of life.

I sighed because I had just completed my final for Bird Science, and oddly enough that class made me bump shoulders with the joy of being alive.

I sighed because they remind me of the vibrant love of Jesus I used to ooze, and my bones ache for that prodigious love that is lost inside, somewhere.

I sighed because he’s my best friend, the sweet kind that makes you forget yourself a bit when you’re around him.

I sighed because wifey is twenty minutes late, I’m waiting impatiently to go nowhere in particular, and I wonder what that means.

There’s some wisdom out there about listening to your life, and it’s good. Life is a sacrament—maybe even the loveliest—and it deserves all the attention you can give it.

But listen to your sighs the most. They are unconscious gasps for God’s life and God’s love.


photo credit: THE camden mcafee

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