Vacationing in the Gospels

Imagine me,

I am wearing cargo shorts again, topped off with one of those corny sun hats that men, as a general rule, should never wear. I hope you'll excuse me. It's been a while since I've been on vacation.

I stuff the glorified go-cart that is my '97 Civic, but I pack light. You see, some people tote their laptops, headphones, favorite books, or three-ring binders. But for a while now, I've been packing my favorite solutions to mass murder in the Bible, crafty reconciliations between science and Genesis 1-2, and all my long arithmetic on just what God is about in the world. I'm ready to cut them loose.

The truth is I'm not driving anywhere, though I do hope to travel 2,000 years. The truth is I'm leaving the 9-to-5 work of piecing together God and hurricanes. The truth is I'm taking a vacation in the gospels, and I'm not coming back until the Rabbi from Galilee rubs his spit on my eye to make me see clearly again.


photo credit: camden mcafee