Sometimes Prayer is Really Hard

Prayer is daily for 90-percent of us, polls say,

That between Xanax and Voice, upward words give way.

I pray, too, often for silly things

Walk-off singles and discount jeans and healed families

And sometimes I'm even aware of it.

Salvation history is always sexier

Than a black bench in Loring Park when the plot's unclear.

Prayer is hard, Harder still when yesterday's you praises fluently in your ear

And hot metal doesn't help either.

I think it's hard if you're doing it right,

Just like a full life oughta make you tired at night.

Both are distracted. Both need someone believing in it.

So even if your song croaks and squeaks,

Or your thanks tumble out the gate like a JV track team,

Or if hotline bling hums interlude your best prayers of the week,

Still to Jesus, sing,

Still receive what life brings,

And though sometimes prayer is really hard,

Don't stop praying for silly things.