The One Thing That Should Shape Everything You Do

Life happens either by design or by default.

I don't know about your default - maybe it craps excellence and prays for its enemies - but mine isn't so good. It is snarky, internet surfy, and in an on-off love affair with convenience.

I don't know about your default - maybe you listen hard and your words drip wisdom - but mine isn't so great. It's hungry for affection and doesn't mind going through the back door to get it. It counts errors like an official scorer in baseball. It speaks loud and likes looking like I'm listening.

The longer I am married, the more I believe the people who say we copy marriage & family cultures from our parents. And though each family has their flashes of brilliance, mine feels like it has an extra helping of cuts and bruises. And unless I tell the default button to screw off, I am going to sing the same song.

The one thing that should shape everything you do - believer, doubter, tweener, red or blue, Chief Executive Officer or Chief Executive Barista - is intention. The steely resolve to do life on purpose, to actively steward your relationships, to choose principle over convenience, to assume life and love and goodness will not grow unless you stick your grubby hands to plant and tend them.

So, friends, I dare you to ask yourself this week: how will I make space to do life on purpose?

Maybe it's waking up ten minutes early each morning to strategize about the unique challenges ahead of you. Maybe it's taking a minute or two every time you're driving somewhere alone to think about what or who is next in your life and how you will meet them. A good friend of mine writes down stuff happening in other people's lives and regularly prays over them. Maybe it's setting up date night with your significant other. Maybe they don't need to be your significant other at all to set up a date with them.

But whatever you do, don't just watch it happen. Life is too precious not to hold with two hands.